Our Story

Source: Amazonian Essentials Team, Amazon Rainforest in Para, Brazil (Harvesting Açaí Berries)

Ever notice the beauty and radiance of Brazilian women no matter their age? Well we did and wanted find out their secret to “eternal beauty”. So, we embarked on a mission and soon discovered the source of this beauty is a true natural wonder of the world – the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Biome, which encompasses the Brazilian Rainforest and other lush ecosystems, is home to over 4 billion trees and plants which spawn unique super-fruits and other distinctive organic matter which contain powerful super-antioxidants, ultra-pure moisturizing agents and essential nutrients, which are vital in the never-ending quest for beautiful, vibrant skin tone and a more youthful, sassy look.    

Our team spent several years in the research and development of our products, which included on-site visitation to the Amazon Rainforest to experience firsthand the natural habitat where our most important ingredients are cultivated and responsibly harvested for use in the world’s most amazing and effective beauty products. Amazonian Essentials™ helped pioneer the use of the Rainforest’s most nourishing, high-performance plant-derived ingredients for women’s anti-aging and skincare, this side of the Northern Hemisphere.

So, join with us today in your quest for natural beauty and youthful exuberance, and discover what Brazilian women have known for generations. You have nothing to lose – but your age!

Naturally Yours,

The Amazonian Essentials Family