Why Preventing Aging is Important for More Beautiful Skin

We all age; it's a fact of life. Some do it "better" than others, retaining their youthful glow as their peers are fighting wrinkles and dull skin. So if you want to be one of the radiant ones into midlife and beyond, then it's important you take a preventative approach to anti-aging. 

An anti-aging system tailored to your skin's individual needs is one action you can take to slow the onset of wrinkles. Using premium plant-based anti-aging skincare will give your skin an extra level of protection... and premium-quality natural goodness is exactly what we offer at Amazonian Essentials!

Before You Change Your Skincare Regimen, Discover What Causes Aging Skin

There are two major factors that contribute to your skin's outward appearance:

  • Intrinsic Aging: this refers to the natural aging process - something which is largely controlled by your genes (and is, unfortunately, something you can't influence)
  • Extrinsic Aging: relates to lifestyle choices and the environment in which you live. This you can influence, by taking preventative measures to slow the effects of aging

Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a poor diet, exposing your skin to the sun, and making repetitive facial expressions (such as frowning or squinting) are all extrinsic aging factors.  

So You Want to Know How to Prevent Skin Aging?

It's simple: the key to keeping your skin looking young lies with you. Think "maintenance and prevention" when it comes to your skin care regimen and be sure to adopt these lifestyle changes as soon as possible:

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Stop smoking (the sooner the better)
  • Try to exercise daily or a few times a week
  • Drink less alcohol and more water 
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day
  • Wear sunglasses to prevent squinting
  • Use a natural skincare system

What are the Benefits of a Preventative Anti-Aging System?

Prevention is always better than "cure" in any aspect of life - and this is particularly true when it comes to anti-aging skincare. Caring for your skin from a young age will lay the foundations for a beautiful complexion that radiates vitality for longer. 

Think of it This Way: If You Protect Your Skin, it Will Protect You! 

When it's healthy and hydrated, your skin safeguards your body against viruses, bacteria, cell damage, and so much more. Plus, when you have gorgeous-looking skin, you feel more confident within yourself, less daunted by the thought of going makeup-free, and ready to face the world with your natural beauty!