5 Ways You Can Secure the Future of the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is beautiful, diverse, and essential to life on earth - but sadly it's under constant attack from mass deforestation. Every year, the equivalent of 1 million soccer fields is cut down to make wood and paper products and to create space for agriculture or cattle farming.   

But how can we save the rainforest? What can regular folks do about the plight of the Amazon? While it might seem out of the hands of ordinary people - something only governments can tackle - we all have the power to do something. And it's true that even the smallest changes can have a positive impact on the world. So read on to discover the 5 simple deforestation solutions you can implement, and learn what we can all do to help secure the future of the Amazon Rainforest.  

  1. Avoid Palm Oil

The biggie! Found in myriad products from cookies to cosmetics, palm oil is a major contributor to deforestation. Habitats are being sacrificed for palm oil plantations, putting animals like the orang-utan at serious, imminent risk of extinction. You can help by refusing to buy products that contain palm oil and instead choosing sustainable alternatives. 

  1. Use Less Paper

One of the easiest ways to save the rainforest is to avoid buying disposable paper products or at the very least choosing to buy recycled ones. Clean with reusable cloths instead of paper towels, use cloth grocery bags, and buy recycled toilet paper and notebooks. 

  1. Avoid Tropical Hardwoods

Trees such as rosewood and mahogany are now threatened due to intensive logging. Rather than purchasing brand new wood products, why not buy from thrift stores or repurpose what you already have? If you absolutely must buy new, always look for the mark that shows the product is made of certified sustainable wood. 

  1. Go Plant-Based and Natural

The rainforest is being destroyed to make way for cattle farming, but you can vote with your money by reducing or eliminating meat and dairy from your diet. Switching to an eco-friendly, natural skincare system like Amazonian Essentials will also have a positive impact. 

  1. Live Ethically 

Be a conscious consumer! Buy from companies with a strong moral code in terms of the environment. Whether that company sources sustainable materials and ingredients or supports rainforest organizations, you'll be doing your bit for the Amazon. 

Bonus Tip!

Speak out, take action, and make your voice heard! Spread the word that the rainforest needs our help! Why not share this article to educate others about the causes and issues of deforestation in the Amazon? Your opinion matters - and so does our precious rainforest.